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AAA Automotive Pty Ltd are based in easily accessible Mont Albert, Melbourne, on tram route 109, stop 54.
With over 35 years experience, you can trust us with all your general mechanical service needs, and all mechanical repairs.
We are an owner operated business, so customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

As your expert Blackburncar mechanic, AAA Automotive PTY Ltd will work with you to keep your car in a high performing condition for a good number of years! We offer our Blackburn clients, easy, quick and convenient access to an entire range of car care services including premium quality car service and log book servicing, and roadworthy certificate processing and issuance.


AAA Automotive PTY Ltd – Your Friendly Car Mechanic in Blackburn

Taking in your car for mechanical evaluation and repairs can be an intimidating experience for most car drivers. The mechanical conversations, the exchanges of jargons and the mechanic’s grim expressions can get you panicked and highly worried about your car’s condition.

But when you bring in your car to AAA Automotive PTY Ltd, you will witness a completely different kind of experience. We make sure our clients from Blackburn and other Melbourne suburbs feel completely at ease when they come to us for availing our masterly mechanic services.

Mechanic Blackburn

We have trained our professional mechanics to be friendly and helpful. Our staff has been trained to put your comfort at front and converse with you in a way that enables you to comprehend exactly what is going to happen with your car. You will have access to your car the entire time it is in our facility and know exactly what mechanical work is being executed on it. As an experienced car mechanic serving clients in Blackburn and other Melbourne suburbs, we aim to create a receptive and inviting environment for you.


AAA Automotive PTY Ltd – Providers of Expert Car Servicing and Log Book Servicing Experiences

As you enter our facility, you will feel the energy in the atmosphere because we begin each morning with an aim to satisfy our customers by exceeding their expectations. Clients coming in from Blackburn and other Melbourne suburbs are going to feel the difference in our services because our car servicing experts will be readily available to guide you through the entire process and explain to you exactly how car servicing and log book servicing will be carried out for your cars.

Roadworthy Certificate Blackburn

All the materials used to execute car servicing and log book servicing on the cars of our Blackburn clients are of the highest quality so that the final results achieved are exceptional. Your car is going to roll out with a lot of glean and sheen, communicating vividly to everyone the quality of servicing it has undergone.


AAA Automotive PTY Ltd Roadworthy Certificate – Ensuring your Safety

AAA Automotive PTY Ltd is licensed issuer of roadworthy certificates after a comprehensive inspection and evaluation of cars. Our processes have been designed to investigate the cars from inside-out to check for the reliability of their electrical and mechanical components and determine whether the car is safe for driving or not.

Log Book Servicing Blackburn

Whether you are planning on buying a used car or selling your existing car, we can perform these services for our Blackburn clients and issue authentic roadworthy certificates for you.

So if you are residing in Blackburn and want to avail car servicing or any of the above-mentioned services, make sure you give us a call at AAA Automotive PTY Ltd and make an appointment with us for Car Service in Blackburn

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